Assembly videos

Gluing the bracket using the HT3 single-arm towel holder as an example.
All the others have a plastic holder, which can be glued on in the same way.

Mounting one-arm towel rail HT3

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1-arm towel rail ht3
In contrast to the other towel rails, the 1-arm towel rail is equipped with an adhesive metal holder. See assembly video above.
Gluing on is the same with the plastic brackets. The holder is then just pushed onto it at the end.

Due to the production process, the adhesive hardens very quickly at the tube opening. Cut open the end of the tube at the long palatinate and remove the adhesive there. Lubricate it over the entire surface of the mounting plate.
If the glue has dried out, we will send you a new one free of charge within 6 months of purchase. To do this, please fill out the following form:

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